MINI LOOKBOOK – fave new pants :)

Hey guys!

So today I will be sharing a few pics on how I styled my fave pants which I bought at Woolies. I’ve been looking for pants likes these and I got so excited when I saw them. My mom even approved and she usually doesn’t vibe with me on my clothing choices.

I will just be showing one look and just tell you about how you can style it in other ways.


So here I paired the pants with a basic tee and a jean jacket with my vans. I was just going for a casual look which I can rock at school or just any other place where it’s just chilled vibes. For a more formal look you can pair it with a button down shirt and some brogues or heels and a coat, turn it into an evening look or just for going to an even where you are required to dress up. Since its winter you can trade the shirts for a turtleneck. I always wear these pants with stockings because I just like it like that but you really don’t have to do that, they look good with or without them.

So yeah guys like I said I was excited for these pants and so I just had to do a blog post about them. Do Comment, like and share and tell me what you guys think.

Thank you… 🙂


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