Zak Omar: Cocaine & Caviar

Hey guys!
So today I’ll be doing a little feature on a fellow student. He’s a third year design student and his name is Zak. So the reason for this feature is I’ll be showing yall a mini “road to the LISOF fashion show” that happens at the end of the school year annually. I chose to tell you guys about Zak and give you a sneak peak of his collection and what it’s all about as well as his personal style and how it influenced his collection.

I had a chance to sit down with Zak and asked him a few questions about his collection and what inspired it and basically what it’s about and how his own personal style influenced his collection.
Firstly I’ll just tell you guys what Zak’s collection is about. Zak told me that his collection is inspired by the streets of New York, their streetstyle mixed with high end pieces put together in one outfit, pieces you wouldn’t usually find mixed together. So his collection is called Cocaine & Caviar. He said he named his collection that because “cocaine & caviar are luxury things. When people think of cocaine they immediately think trashy and when people think about caviar they think about the rich” so that relates to his collection, making pieces of streetwear luxurious and high fashion.

IMG_7198 [1730350]
This collection all came from his own personal style, he gave an example of how he’d wear a formal shirt with sweatpants and sneakers – again a combo which isn’t the norm. He also got inspired by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, these celebrities can rock high fashion outfits on the streets and still make them work.
Although this collection was inspired by Kendall Jenner said Zak, it was also made for the young adult customer in mind. He says that “it is marketed towards them in a sense that the fabrics that I use look like high fashion fabrics, there’s satins and leather but it’s all affordable, so as much as it looks authentic and high fashion its very accessible, so it is very much for the trendy, ready to wear girl who is also very edgy and wants to be different”.
I also got the chance to ask him a couple of other questions unrelated to his collection just to get to know him a bit more. I asked if he got the chance who would he want to dress and why and he told me that he would like to dress Blake Lively, reason being she’s always been so fashion forward from the days of Gossip Girl (which he says he still watches it when he needs some inspiration) to now. Even though Blake Lively doesn’t dress according to his own aesthetic he says he would love to see her in it and see how she would look if she did switch up from her usual aesthetic. I also asked where he would like to see himself in the future and of course like any other student he didn’t have a set goal already but he said that he would definitely want to have his own brand, which consists of not only clothing but shoes and jewellery because all those things go together in putting together an outfit and how one presents themselves. He would love to create all of that based on his aesthetic, in his own way and expression.


So there you have it guys, more articles will be coming up on this road to the fashion show and an article about the show as well, so be sure to stay on the lookout for updates!

Thanks again for reading, do like and comment, it would be much appreciated 😌


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