Cocaine & Caviar: The Runway

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So as promised, here’s an update and report on how Zak Omar’s fashion show went.

For me, Zak put out an amazing show, he delivered everything I was expecting plus more. I could tell that the crowd enjoyed it too, from their cheers each time a model walked down the runway to the front and how they responded when his collection was done being displayed.

The first garment to come up the runway was the show stopper for me. That three piece with the corset being worn as an outer garment was a new thing to see in the fashion scene but besides that, it was a clever idea and I believe that it could get picked up as a trend and people will actually love it.

All the girls modeling Zaks clothing looked like cool girls, rocking their streetwear clothing that had a twist to them, the twist being some of the pieces there were made from ‘luxurious’ fabrics such as satin and silk. As Mentioned in the previous article these garments were made to look like high-end pieces but still be affordable for the trendy and edgy girl who wants to be different and Zak delivered on that because those garments on those models looked exactly like that vision.

If you were present at the show you could tell that the crowd was pleased, their focus was fixed on the show as they took in the garments being displayed on the runway one by one and how they cheered all throughout the final walk of all the garments an even after he left the stage. It was an amazing show and I just wished we all had more to see.

It was also great that the pieces displayed were ready to wear pieces which people can rock the minute they get purchased and can rock at various events because its streetwear items mixed with “non” streetwear items which can be worn on their own to high-end places.

Overall the show was great, the garments were amazing an I enjoyed watching Zaks clothing go down the runway.

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Zak Omar: Cocaine & Caviar

Hey guys!
So today I’ll be doing a little feature on a fellow student. He’s a third year design student and his name is Zak. So the reason for this feature is I’ll be showing yall a mini “road to the LISOF fashion show” that happens at the end of the school year annually. I chose to tell you guys about Zak and give you a sneak peak of his collection and what it’s all about as well as his personal style and how it influenced his collection.

I had a chance to sit down with Zak and asked him a few questions about his collection and what inspired it and basically what it’s about and how his own personal style influenced his collection.
Firstly I’ll just tell you guys what Zak’s collection is about. Zak told me that his collection is inspired by the streets of New York, their streetstyle mixed with high end pieces put together in one outfit, pieces you wouldn’t usually find mixed together. So his collection is called Cocaine & Caviar. He said he named his collection that because “cocaine & caviar are luxury things. When people think of cocaine they immediately think trashy and when people think about caviar they think about the rich” so that relates to his collection, making pieces of streetwear luxurious and high fashion.

IMG_7198 [1730350]
This collection all came from his own personal style, he gave an example of how he’d wear a formal shirt with sweatpants and sneakers – again a combo which isn’t the norm. He also got inspired by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, these celebrities can rock high fashion outfits on the streets and still make them work.
Although this collection was inspired by Kendall Jenner said Zak, it was also made for the young adult customer in mind. He says that “it is marketed towards them in a sense that the fabrics that I use look like high fashion fabrics, there’s satins and leather but it’s all affordable, so as much as it looks authentic and high fashion its very accessible, so it is very much for the trendy, ready to wear girl who is also very edgy and wants to be different”.
I also got the chance to ask him a couple of other questions unrelated to his collection just to get to know him a bit more. I asked if he got the chance who would he want to dress and why and he told me that he would like to dress Blake Lively, reason being she’s always been so fashion forward from the days of Gossip Girl (which he says he still watches it when he needs some inspiration) to now. Even though Blake Lively doesn’t dress according to his own aesthetic he says he would love to see her in it and see how she would look if she did switch up from her usual aesthetic. I also asked where he would like to see himself in the future and of course like any other student he didn’t have a set goal already but he said that he would definitely want to have his own brand, which consists of not only clothing but shoes and jewellery because all those things go together in putting together an outfit and how one presents themselves. He would love to create all of that based on his aesthetic, in his own way and expression.


So there you have it guys, more articles will be coming up on this road to the fashion show and an article about the show as well, so be sure to stay on the lookout for updates!

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Looking Good And Paying Less

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So as a student and I’m always looking for ways I can save some money or not spend a lot of my money on anything really, whether its food, clothing, makeup, I will find a way to at least save a bit of money when purchasing these things because – if we are being honest with ourselves – living on a student budget can be a bit hard sometimes. As a student you want to do everything and buy everything there is and it’s never enough!

So today I will be sharing with you on how to shop on a budget! I asked my fellow blogger, Lala, over at mirrortalkwithlala to share with us a few items she purchased at downtown JHB, Small Street, and yes you read it right – downtown JHB!

Guys she got some really cute outfits there, I was also surprised but it’s true. Obviously when going there you have to be careful, yes its downtown JHB so you have to be extra careful anyway, but what I mean is you have to be careful in picking out sizes and feeling the material of the clothes before you head out to pay for your items. Sometimes their sizes can be a little shaky and you might be a small but end up having to buy a large but besides all this guys you can get some good clothing at Small Street, not only good but cute too and pay almost half the price you’d usually pay at your big retail stores.

So the first look we have for you guys is this “boss lady” look. She got the coat, bodysuit and those bomb boots at Small Street and styled them with black skinny jeans. She got the coat and shoes for just over R400 each and guys for that quality and look of the items you could’ve paid double at your Zaras, Cotton On or H&M so that was a bargain and you’ll leave the place knowing you got some great clothing and saved some money.

The second look we called “bad bad” and I think you can tell why! For this look she got the jacket at Small Street and she styled it with the same boots from the previous look and a shirt dress (male section from Pick n Pay in the size XL 🙂 , if you were wondering) and some cut out stockings. So she got the jacket for under R200 and again, yes under R200! Yall know for a jacket like that, which is warm and is of good quality, at your big retailers you can easily pay R799 or even a good R1000.

We called our last look “Cute Thang”. For this look she got that amazing off the shoulder, bell sleeved top and she styled it with distressed shorts and open toe heels. I didn’t get the price for this top but from what I’ve mentioned before you can just guess that the price will not be unreasonable. Also that top is too cute so if I have to compare the prices to your big retailers it would probably go for R350 to R400.

If I haven’t convinced you to check out other places besides your typical mall to shop as a student then you must be ‘balling without a budget’. And Small Street isn’t the only place you can get such cute items guys for low prices, there’s also china mall, Mr Price and Pick N Pay clothing and often people look down on these stores and places not knowing they are missing out. One piece of advice I can give you guys though is that go to these stores with a LOT OF PATIENCE and TIME because a quick browse will not get you anything!


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I recently attended Fashion Week at Mall of Africa this past week. It ran from the 17th to the 19th of August but I only attended the first two days and couldn’t make it for the third day.
It was my first time actually experiencing it like this and I’ll let you know what ‘like this’ actually means just now. So thanks to Trace South Africa (the music channel if yall aren’t sure what I’m talking about) my group of friends/fellow bloggers and I, got tickets to attend all the shows because we were doing a social media coverage for them. We were really excited about this as this was a big opportunity for us and of course excited about the fact that we were going to be featured on their Instagram page!!! (They even had a banner and all for us guys!)

It was a great experience overall, despite it being hella cold. The weather didn’t want us to be great but still it didn’t stop us. Day 1 and 2 shows were beautiful, these designers personally for me, pulled out all the stops. It was great to see how South African Designers are doing their thing, especially with people not believing in them and constantly comparing them to designers from overseas. My favourite shows from these days were Gavin Rajah, AFI Prive, Thula Sindi, ORAPELENG MEDUTLE (I did that on purpose by the way, just check out the red dress below which was even accompanied by an entourage of men!!) and Khosi Nkosi.

On day 2 of MBFWJ we decided to check out the AFI Xperience Side which was also at Mall of Africa, when we got there we were all wondering why hadn’t we checked it out before. The vibes there were awesome, apart from having its own fashion shows, it was still a bit different because it had vibey music, different stalls to check such as the barber place where you could actually get your hair cut right there and then, bars where of course you can get your drinks from and overall just get to hang out with your celebrities and people with a good vibe. There was dancing which also just made it the place to be! Including this section to MBFWJ was, in our opinion, the best idea that’s ever happened to Fashion Week

The whole experience of fashion week was just amazing, if you were there we think you’d agree with us and feel free to leave a comment about how the experience went for you. MBFWJ we thank you for an awesome experience!

Till next time guys! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Hey guys!
So I know it’s been a while since I’ve written something for you but I’m back now and today I will be doing a young feature article on my favourite Lesotho Twins who now reside in the UK.

Nyane and Mpho Lebajoa. Born on the 31st of March. Bloggers and personally two of my style icons in my list of style icons. These two look alike in my opinion but some people might disagree with my opinion (I don’t know why…) but their styles are not very similar so I’m going to talk about them separately for a bit:

She was my favourite initially but lately I’ve come to equally love them. So if you know about Nyane you’ll know she stands out for not only her fashion but her striking hair colour changes as well as great makeup. At the moment her hair colour is blue, it goes from that to pink, to grey, to purple, and honestly they all look really good on her so she shouldn’t stop. Now on to her fashion, the way I would describe her style is its very girly girl and then sometimes (and a tiny bit sometimes) it would be Goth like. She almost never wears winter clothing, it’s like she always travels to the nearest summery place because she also travels a lot but that’s just my guess, I’m not saying it’s true. She also has an online store and on her insta page posts pictures where she would be wearing clothes from her store. Here are a few of my fave pictures of her (all taken from her Instagram page, @nyane):


Like I previously mentioned I liked Nyane just a bit more before but lately I’ve come to love Mpho just as much. I think the reason to liking her sister more was because I didn’t open myself up more to actually notice Mpho as much as her sister but once I did, started following her and looking out for her fashion I liked her just a bit more. Her fashion is more street compared to her sisters with the use of less colour and a whole lot of shades. She also travels a lot, sometimes with her sister and sometimes with friends and blogs about her travels. Here are a few of my fave pictures from her (also all taken from her Instagram page @mpholebajoa):

I’m like obsessed with these two guys and I think their fashion is really great so if after this you like them as much feel free to follow them on their Instagram pages, they frequently post so trust that you will never get bored of them!

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Hey guys! So today I will be sharing my experience at the farmers market, my first time there and it was awesome.

So location first, the farmers market I went to with two of my friends and fellow bloggers, Lala and Samu, is in Fourways right next to Monte Casino and its every Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

I was there to do some school work but I really wished I went there just to chill and relax because guys the vibe there was too good. With only R10 entrance, the market was filled with food stalls all over the place, people selling some beautiful handmade items and clothing and a live band (which apparently is always there every Sunday).

I spoke to two lovely girls at the market, Bassi and Didi, who told me about how they would prefer the farmers market over neighbourgoods in Braam and Arts on Main in Maboneng. Although they have a similar setting they said the market is better because it’s “more outdoorsy and more chilled” and relaxing than the other two. They then went on telling me about their favourite food stall, both being anything with Chinese food and how they won a “shot of tequila from guessing a song played by the live band there”.

A lot of great fashion was seen at the market even though you go there just to chill and relax. So it’s definitely a great place to come and show off some of the great pieces in your wardrobe.

So guys I’m definitely going there again, next time just to chill and enjoy the day. I suggest you guys check it out if you are looking for a place where you can put on your favourite outfit, get some good food and chilled vibes.

Until next time guys! 🙂

MINI LOOKBOOK – fave new pants :)

Hey guys!

So today I will be sharing a few pics on how I styled my fave pants which I bought at Woolies. I’ve been looking for pants likes these and I got so excited when I saw them. My mom even approved and she usually doesn’t vibe with me on my clothing choices.

I will just be showing one look and just tell you about how you can style it in other ways.


So here I paired the pants with a basic tee and a jean jacket with my vans. I was just going for a casual look which I can rock at school or just any other place where it’s just chilled vibes. For a more formal look you can pair it with a button down shirt and some brogues or heels and a coat, turn it into an evening look or just for going to an even where you are required to dress up. Since its winter you can trade the shirts for a turtleneck. I always wear these pants with stockings because I just like it like that but you really don’t have to do that, they look good with or without them.

So yeah guys like I said I was excited for these pants and so I just had to do a blog post about them. Do Comment, like and share and tell me what you guys think.

Thank you… 🙂


Hey guys, so today I will be doing a little feature on a fellow blogger. Her name is Samu and you’ll find out the reasons why I’ve chosen to feature her on my blog.


Her blog is about sharing with her audience all the latest trends that are in the fashion and beauty world as well as advising them how to incorporate them in their own lives. I had a little interview with her where she shared her love of fashion and beauty as well as other things she has going on besides the blog.

During our interview – it was like a mini interview by the way – she spoke about a little difficulty balancing content from switching to beauty then fashion, saying that” the fashion industry might be popping with a lot more trends in one season” so she would have to focus more on that side but she does tries to keep the content balanced for her readers so they receive that full package she promised when launching her blog. The latest trend she talks about is the different denims that people are rocking at the moment, I say it’s a must read.


We moved on to her style where I asked about her style icon and her style inspirations. As she herself is an edgy girl and puts edge in her styling she told me that her style icon is India Love, her own words being, “she wears whatever she wants and always adds edge to her outfits”. Her style personally, is also styling with an edgy taste to it. Her style is mixed with dressing like a school girl -high waisted skirts, long socks – with a bit of grunge to it but she does also tell me that she can move from that to a totally different style meaning that she has no set style. Its fashion after all, a girl can change her mind and she says fashion was her first love so its allowed.

Besides her blog she told me about another project she has going on, she told us about interning for CollegeFashionista. I’ll just put what she told us about this in her exact words, “CollegeFashionista is basically a large community of college students who are fashion forward, and love to produce content about not only fashion, but beauty and lifestyle as well.” Her job is to write content for them about fashion she spots at our campus, LISOF, and in return she gets guidance on writing, photography and social media skills. I have to say it’s necessary and needed for the industry we are trying to venture in.

Her blog is amazing so far guys, I advise yall to go check it out, also check her out on the gram she also posts from time to time when she has written an article for CollegeFashionista!

Her Blog:

Her insta: @samusibiya


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Hey Guys.

So Last week my group of girls and I attended an event by Kulture Kollective and I will be telling you guys a bit about my experience.

It was a fashion show showing collections from GALXBOY, The Threaded Man and Prime Obsession.

What a great night it was! But it started off on a rocky (yet funny) note. All I’ll say about that is that getting complimentary tickets is fun guys but attending an event where you could only get in if they found your name on a guest list and yours was surprisingly not there when you know very well it should be, is a little bit awkward. But all was well in the end and we got in 🙂

Now for a quick question? What do you call an event that comes with a complimentary drink, good food, great fashion and great company? AN AMAZING ONE! The Kulture Kollective fashion show came with all that and just a bit more and it definitely was a night to remember.

The night started off with guests mingling for some time, I have to be honest that took so long that I even thought the show was happening already and people just didn’t know it started. But eventually guests were moved into a separate ‘room’ where the fashion show started. The three collections I mentioned earlier where then showcased one after the other. The clothes were too good guys, the runway was different and the models were clearly having a great time up on it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get enough pictures from the show, the few I got were from Kulture Kollectives instagram page (@kulturekollective).

Once again it was fun guys and if you happened to be there then you would understand what I’m talking about. I could go on and on about the entire event but I feel like this post is already just a bit too long.

So till next time guys! 🙂

K E Y A A H – M



Hey Guys! The name is Keabecoe and for those of you who I know will struggle with my name you can just stick with ‘Kea’. I had some trouble writing this first post because usually when someone says “tell me about yourself”, I usually say “ask specific questions” because it’s a bit hard for me to go on and just start talking about myself. So I’d rather just go on and tell yall about my blog:

This is the place where fashion is going to meet lifestyle. Getting to know good places, good food and having a good time while looking great at it – and within budget ofcourse! I’ve always wanted to explore new places and good new vibes and with this blog I’ll be doing just that. Not forgetting the fashion side of this – by the way, the main side –which will include good outfits, great styling and the latest trends. So do join me in this fashionably lifestyled venture, give your feedback, your suggestions. Your vews will be highly appreciated!