Looking Good And Paying Less

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So as a student and I’m always looking for ways I can save some money or not spend a lot of my money on anything really, whether its food, clothing, makeup, I will find a way to at least save a bit of money when purchasing these things because – if we are being honest with ourselves – living on a student budget can be a bit hard sometimes. As a student you want to do everything and buy everything there is and it’s never enough!

So today I will be sharing with you on how to shop on a budget! I asked my fellow blogger, Lala, over at mirrortalkwithlala to share with us a few items she purchased at downtown JHB, Small Street, and yes you read it right – downtown JHB!

Guys she got some really cute outfits there, I was also surprised but it’s true. Obviously when going there you have to be careful, yes its downtown JHB so you have to be extra careful anyway, but what I mean is you have to be careful in picking out sizes and feeling the material of the clothes before you head out to pay for your items. Sometimes their sizes can be a little shaky and you might be a small but end up having to buy a large but besides all this guys you can get some good clothing at Small Street, not only good but cute too and pay almost half the price you’d usually pay at your big retail stores.

So the first look we have for you guys is this “boss lady” look. She got the coat, bodysuit and those bomb boots at Small Street and styled them with black skinny jeans. She got the coat and shoes for just over R400 each and guys for that quality and look of the items you could’ve paid double at your Zaras, Cotton On or H&M so that was a bargain and you’ll leave the place knowing you got some great clothing and saved some money.

The second look we called “bad bad” and I think you can tell why! For this look she got the jacket at Small Street and she styled it with the same boots from the previous look and a shirt dress (male section from Pick n Pay in the size XL 🙂 , if you were wondering) and some cut out stockings. So she got the jacket for under R200 and again, yes under R200! Yall know for a jacket like that, which is warm and is of good quality, at your big retailers you can easily pay R799 or even a good R1000.

We called our last look “Cute Thang”. For this look she got that amazing off the shoulder, bell sleeved top and she styled it with distressed shorts and open toe heels. I didn’t get the price for this top but from what I’ve mentioned before you can just guess that the price will not be unreasonable. Also that top is too cute so if I have to compare the prices to your big retailers it would probably go for R350 to R400.

If I haven’t convinced you to check out other places besides your typical mall to shop as a student then you must be ‘balling without a budget’. And Small Street isn’t the only place you can get such cute items guys for low prices, there’s also china mall, Mr Price and Pick N Pay clothing and often people look down on these stores and places not knowing they are missing out. One piece of advice I can give you guys though is that go to these stores with a LOT OF PATIENCE and TIME because a quick browse will not get you anything!


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Hey guys!
So I know it’s been a while since I’ve written something for you but I’m back now and today I will be doing a young feature article on my favourite Lesotho Twins who now reside in the UK.

Nyane and Mpho Lebajoa. Born on the 31st of March. Bloggers and personally two of my style icons in my list of style icons. These two look alike in my opinion but some people might disagree with my opinion (I don’t know why…) but their styles are not very similar so I’m going to talk about them separately for a bit:

She was my favourite initially but lately I’ve come to equally love them. So if you know about Nyane you’ll know she stands out for not only her fashion but her striking hair colour changes as well as great makeup. At the moment her hair colour is blue, it goes from that to pink, to grey, to purple, and honestly they all look really good on her so she shouldn’t stop. Now on to her fashion, the way I would describe her style is its very girly girl and then sometimes (and a tiny bit sometimes) it would be Goth like. She almost never wears winter clothing, it’s like she always travels to the nearest summery place because she also travels a lot but that’s just my guess, I’m not saying it’s true. She also has an online store and on her insta page posts pictures where she would be wearing clothes from her store. Here are a few of my fave pictures of her (all taken from her Instagram page, @nyane):


Like I previously mentioned I liked Nyane just a bit more before but lately I’ve come to love Mpho just as much. I think the reason to liking her sister more was because I didn’t open myself up more to actually notice Mpho as much as her sister but once I did, started following her and looking out for her fashion I liked her just a bit more. Her fashion is more street compared to her sisters with the use of less colour and a whole lot of shades. She also travels a lot, sometimes with her sister and sometimes with friends and blogs about her travels. Here are a few of my fave pictures from her (also all taken from her Instagram page @mpholebajoa):

I’m like obsessed with these two guys and I think their fashion is really great so if after this you like them as much feel free to follow them on their Instagram pages, they frequently post so trust that you will never get bored of them!

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Hey guys, so today I will be doing a little feature on a fellow blogger. Her name is Samu and you’ll find out the reasons why I’ve chosen to feature her on my blog.


Her blog is about sharing with her audience all the latest trends that are in the fashion and beauty world as well as advising them how to incorporate them in their own lives. I had a little interview with her where she shared her love of fashion and beauty as well as other things she has going on besides the blog.

During our interview – it was like a mini interview by the way – she spoke about a little difficulty balancing content from switching to beauty then fashion, saying that” the fashion industry might be popping with a lot more trends in one season” so she would have to focus more on that side but she does tries to keep the content balanced for her readers so they receive that full package she promised when launching her blog. The latest trend she talks about is the different denims that people are rocking at the moment, I say it’s a must read.


We moved on to her style where I asked about her style icon and her style inspirations. As she herself is an edgy girl and puts edge in her styling she told me that her style icon is India Love, her own words being, “she wears whatever she wants and always adds edge to her outfits”. Her style personally, is also styling with an edgy taste to it. Her style is mixed with dressing like a school girl -high waisted skirts, long socks – with a bit of grunge to it but she does also tell me that she can move from that to a totally different style meaning that she has no set style. Its fashion after all, a girl can change her mind and she says fashion was her first love so its allowed.

Besides her blog she told me about another project she has going on, she told us about interning for CollegeFashionista. I’ll just put what she told us about this in her exact words, “CollegeFashionista is basically a large community of college students who are fashion forward, and love to produce content about not only fashion, but beauty and lifestyle as well.” Her job is to write content for them about fashion she spots at our campus, LISOF, and in return she gets guidance on writing, photography and social media skills. I have to say it’s necessary and needed for the industry we are trying to venture in.

Her blog is amazing so far guys, I advise yall to go check it out, also check her out on the gram she also posts from time to time when she has written an article for CollegeFashionista!

Her Blog: https://runway2realitysite.wordpress.com

Her insta: @samusibiya


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