Hey guys! So today I will be sharing my experience at the farmers market, my first time there and it was awesome.

So location first, the farmers market I went to with two of my friends and fellow bloggers, Lala and Samu, is in Fourways right next to Monte Casino and its every Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

I was there to do some school work but I really wished I went there just to chill and relax because guys the vibe there was too good. With only R10 entrance, the market was filled with food stalls all over the place, people selling some beautiful handmade items and clothing and a live band (which apparently is always there every Sunday).

I spoke to two lovely girls at the market, Bassi and Didi, who told me about how they would prefer the farmers market over neighbourgoods in Braam and Arts on Main in Maboneng. Although they have a similar setting they said the market is better because it’s “more outdoorsy and more chilled” and relaxing than the other two. They then went on telling me about their favourite food stall, both being anything with Chinese food and how they won a “shot of tequila from guessing a song played by the live band there”.

A lot of great fashion was seen at the market even though you go there just to chill and relax. So it’s definitely a great place to come and show off some of the great pieces in your wardrobe.

So guys I’m definitely going there again, next time just to chill and enjoy the day. I suggest you guys check it out if you are looking for a place where you can put on your favourite outfit, get some good food and chilled vibes.

Until next time guys! 🙂


MINI LOOKBOOK – fave new pants :)

Hey guys!

So today I will be sharing a few pics on how I styled my fave pants which I bought at Woolies. I’ve been looking for pants likes these and I got so excited when I saw them. My mom even approved and she usually doesn’t vibe with me on my clothing choices.

I will just be showing one look and just tell you about how you can style it in other ways.


So here I paired the pants with a basic tee and a jean jacket with my vans. I was just going for a casual look which I can rock at school or just any other place where it’s just chilled vibes. For a more formal look you can pair it with a button down shirt and some brogues or heels and a coat, turn it into an evening look or just for going to an even where you are required to dress up. Since its winter you can trade the shirts for a turtleneck. I always wear these pants with stockings because I just like it like that but you really don’t have to do that, they look good with or without them.

So yeah guys like I said I was excited for these pants and so I just had to do a blog post about them. Do Comment, like and share and tell me what you guys think.

Thank you… 🙂